5e8a Tweed Twin Style 212 Combo Amplifier

US $1550

Standard Model includes:


  • Hand built select solid pine cabinet with birch speaker baffle and Fender style slide feet
  • Fender style tweed covering with leather handle and Fender style grill cloth Lacquer finish included.
  • Deluxe welded chrome plated steel chassis with quality eyelet and turret boards, capacitors, resistors, and hand wired components
  • USA Made Heyboer or ClassicTone Power and Output Transformers
  • F&T electrolytic, and choice of Mallory or Orange Drop coupling and tone capacitors (economy models come with TAD or Illinois electrolytic and generic coupling and tone capacitors, and other generic components)
  • USA made Switchcraft jacks
  • Carling switches
  • Fender style chicken head knobs
  • internal and external speaker output jacks
  • Eminence speaker(s) Other options available
  • 3 prong power cord
  • Fender style jewel pilot lamp (optional colors available)
  • 12AX7 preamp tubes
  • 6L6/5881 output tubes
  • Twin 5U4 rectifier tubes